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     A. All private waterfront areas are for the exclusive use of the owner or residents of the lot.

     B. Swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited.

     C. Owners and residents may not operate gasoline or other combustible power watercraft on the Wind Drift Lake,

     D. Watercraft may not exceed 18 feet in length; draft is not to exceed 12 inches. All watercraft must be registered with the Association. Please contact the management company for a registration form. Swimming pool type watercraft, floats, inflatable tubes, wind sails ad catamarans are prohibited.

     E. All water craft must be equipped with flotation devices pursuant to State of Arizona regulations regarding flotation devices.
F. Watercraft operated after dark must show lights pursuant to State of Arizona regulations regarding lights.

G. Excessive noise is prohibited.

H. Mooring of boats is limited to private docks.

I. If a watercraft sinks at Wind Drift Lake, the owners of such watercraft have ten days to retrieve the watercraft at their own expense. After ten days, the Association may subcontract to recover the craft and will assess the owners the full expense of doing so.

J. It is the responsibility of an owner to maintain his dock and waterfront area in a neat, clean manner. The Architectural Review Committee must approve, in writing, the type and location of a dock prior to its construction.

K. Pursuant to State of Arizona regulations, watercraft should not be operated while the operator is under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.

L. Normal traffic on Wind Drift Lake shall be counter-clockwise. The operator of a watercraft under power shall yield right-of-way to any craft not under power, unless such non-powered watercraft is overtaking a power craft.

Fishing Rules

A. Fishing at Wind Drift is restricted to residents and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a resident while fishing. We encourage all owners to report “known” trespassers to the Gilbert Police Department at 480-892-3434.

     B. The practice of “Catch and Release” is strongly recommended. The daily catch limit is three (3) fish per day per household. All guest catches are included in the household catch count. White Amur and Tilapia fish are catch and release only.

     C. When returning fish to the water, please do not try to remove the hook if the fish has swallowed it. If hooked other than in the lip, cut the line, and the fish will absorb the hook.

     D. Wind Drift residents and their guests are permitted to cast from common areas bordering the lake and from boats meeting Wind Drift requirements. Fishing from private property may be done only with the explicit permission of the property owner.

     E. Please clean up any debris when leaving the lakes (cans, bait, tackle and trash). Cleaning of fish at the lakeside is prohibited, as well as leaving litter and dead fish on the shoreline or in the water.

     F. Gigs, spears, explosives, firearms, air rifles, electric devices, nets, traps, and bows and arrows are prohibited.

Important Information

Location: Wind Drift

Phone: 480-635-1133

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